This month we are collecting handmade wellness donations on behalf of:

White Butterfly Mission

Mission Statement

At The Helping Hub, our mission is to promote mental wellness through the art of handmade and homegrown items and crafts. We believe that the act of gifting and receiving handcrafted items can bring positivity to someone's life. Our organization is dedicated to creating and distributing thoughtful and meaningful packages that inspire self-care, foster wellness, and promote connection. We strive to empower individuals with a variety of wellness gifts. Through our handcrafted gifts, we aim to spread love, comfort, and hope, and contribute to a world where mental wellness is nurtured and celebrated for all.

Handcrafted Happiness Program

We believe in supporting artisans and entrepreneurs by showcasing their unique creations and offering the opportunity to sell on our site. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to foster a sense of community, promote creativity, and inspire wellness. We strive to create a positive impact by spreading happiness and celebrating the artistry of handcrafted items.

When we receive kind donations from small businesses, we create self-care and wellness gift boxes. A portion of those gifts are available for purchase, and a portion of those gifts are donated to those in need of love and wellness. When you purchase a Handcrafted Happiness gift, 100% goes back into the program to create and gift self-care and wellness again. It is a never-ending cycle of love and care. When you purchase from one of our artisans, 100% goes right to the seller.

The Helping Hub provides a platform on social media for free advertising and promotion of handmade and homegrown products and services. 

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